Want to work with Jason Evert today?

In less than a month, world-renowned speaker and best-selling author Jason Evert will once again rock Manila as he inspires thousands of people to discover the meaning of real love and chastity. His message would make us see the beauty of human sexuality, and he would challenge us to rethink how we live our lives and affirm our dignity.

Do you want to join our team and help us make this exciting conference a memorable and life-changing experience?

Read on to know how you can help.

1. Join our social media team.

Do you love using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Be sure to like our official social media accounts then like, share or tweet our campaign posts and event-related contents. You can also use our Facebook event page to invite others to Love #NoFilter. With social media, your reach is limitless. Tag your friends to relevant posts and encourage them to share the message to their family and friends and Facebook groups.

Example: An ambassador shares all our marketing materials to relevant Facebook groups that s/he is part of.

2. Content Creator

Do you have a talent for writing? Do you have a story or an insight to share? Inspire thousands of people by creating and sharing personal content such as v/blogs, research articles, testimonial posts, etc. that can inspire people to see chastity as realistic, relevant, and rewarding. Be sure to include a call to action for people to attend our conference and get involved in the advocacy!

Example: An ambassador writes a testimonial on how living a chaste life helped him/her.

3. Community Coordinator

Are you a student leader, campus personality, active parishioner, or a community influencer? Share your passion for chastity and enlist your friends and folks to this advocacy by inviting them to the conference and encouraging them to invite others as well. You can also invite people from our team to visit your organization if you wish us to give a short talk about Jason Evert’s message and our mission.

Example: A student leader enthusiastically shares with his peers in the organization the message of chastity and invites everyone in their organization to attend the event.

4. Community Ambassador

Do you have the knack for public speaking and do you believe you are confident enough to talk about chastity in your organization or parish? Ask your friends’ help in organizing mini-talks where you will briefly share the beauty of chastity and the theology of the body. If you think doing a talk is not possible, why not have a film showing of Jason Evert videos then discuss it with your group afterward? You may also organize your local team of volunteers and ambassadors to be mobilized for this conference. Read this guide to help you prepare.

Example: A parish youth ministry member gives a short talk and invites everyone in their church to attend the conference. A student leader invites all organization officers to attend to the conference.

5. Event Volunteer

Help us give the best conference experience to our participants by volunteering as an usher, logistics team member, etc.

Example: A volunteer ushering participants in the registration area for one of the sessions.

6. Partner/Sponsor

Help us defray the cost of organizing this international event by being a sponsor or donating anything that could help us in the event. You can also help us look for individuals, families, companies, and groups who might be willing to support our cause both in cash and in kind.

Example: A volunteer donates money to be used in paying for the registration of public school teachers and students. A volunteer gives food or lending transportation for the volunteers and event organizers.

Found something that sparks joy from the list above? Join us now in making an impact through this conference with Jason Evert. Please comment your thoughts below, and let us know how you would like to be involved.

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